Reforming education, together.

We’ll stand beside you. Charter One does more than manage. We partner with schools around the US, establishing a strong base where we can team up to serve students and their families first.

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Powering schools and districts around the nation:

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When you partner with us, we take the risk to help you, your family, and your school to be successful. Like you, we want to change the lives of students and families in a moral and wholesome environment. Charter One can help you create the school you envision or be the supporting arm you need to improve the one you have. Contact us to start!

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About us

Your all-inclusive education management partner.

We pride ourselves on our thorough knowledge of charter school operations, academics, finance, human resources, information technology, marketing, and more. We handle the day-to-day work so that client school boards can focus on governance and policy issues to be sure that the vision and mission of the school are being carried out properly.

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Our curriculum

Purchase curriculum online, or work with our curriculum developers.

Charter One continuously invests resources in student learning and innovation, all while focusing on our primary customers: students and their families. As a result, we’ve developed a specialized curriculum that is now available for purchase. Download sample curriculum online for your school board or homeschool operations, or contact us to start developing a curriculum that fits your school’s mission, vision, and values.

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School programs

Adaptable programs and fundraisers designed for all schools.

Need to consolidate your schools’ fundraisers? Would you like to launch a pledge or event that will raise enough money to fund a new project? Charter One can help with that, too. Over the last few years, we’ve reduced the number of fundraisers at each of our partner schools and introduced fresh and triumphant ideas that have raised enough funds to launch and sustain special projects. We put emphasis on fewer events to help charters work towards a more focused and pre-defined goal.

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